This class will increase your maximum strength and power with traditional and non-traditional exercises by using kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, sleds and unique bodyweight movements. Strength training is the best training solution to changing body aesthetics and composition.

  • Increase strength

  • Develop speed and power

  • Improve movement quality

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Metabolic classes are a challenging circuit style of training that specifically increases your endurance, work capacity and recovery ability.  They are programmed using an endless variety of exercises that can be scaled to nearly every fitness level.

  • Improve endurance and work capacity

  • Train in a fun team environment

  • Significantly increases caloric expenditure


To establish programming that reflects your abilities, you must complete an assessment which analyzes your joint ranges of motion. This will enable your coach to assign appropriate mobility drills that you will use within the group class concept. The assessment also determines whether a group class is an appropriate start to your training.


For the busy women in our community, we offer a 30-Minute fitness class. This option is available to women over the age of 18 for just $5 per class. This is perfect for women wanting to get started with exercise and those that are short on time. To sign up for a class, click here.

Strength Schedule

Monday / 9:00 am / 5:30 pm
Tuesday / 4:15 pm / 6:30 pm
Wednesday / 9:00 am / 5:30 pm
Thursday / 6:30 pm
Saturday / 9:00 am

Metabolic Class Schedule

Monday / 5:30 am / 6:30 pm
Tuesday / 5:30 pm
Wednesday / 5:30 am / 6:30 pm
Thursday / 5:30 pm
Friday / 9:00 am / 4:15 pm
Saturday / 8:00 am