Tours and Trial Memberships

A new gym can feel a little intimidating and that's why we want to allow someone interested in training with us to ask questions and get more comfortable.  We encourage you to set up a gym tour and experience the gym through a trial membership.  Tours and Trial Memberships are by appointment only.  Please contact us here to get started!

Articular Assessment

For everyone wanting to participate in fitness at our gym, you must first complete an Articular Assessment with one of our coaches.  An Articular Assessment is an appraisal process of joint function and range of motion.  By identifying flexibility and mobility restrictions we can better serve your goals and create an individualized program, all while mitigating the risk of injury.  Even if you are an athlete, this is mandatory.  

Wear workout clothes, but don’t expect to workout.  A coach will run you through a series of  simple (not always easy) movement patterns to assess joint quality.  After your assessment you can schedule your first “movement lesson” and approval to participate in group classes.

If you don’t receive permission to participate in a group class setting, you will receive a program that is specifically suited for you to work on when you come in the gym.  Your “movement lessons” will cover your program so that you are able to do it on our own (if you ever need help or forget an exercise - coaches are here for you!)

Movement Lessons

During these sessions you will learn the fundamental movements along with specific exercises to improve any joint limitations that were uncovered during the assessment.  These will allow you to progress to more complicated and challenging variations, either while working out on your own or in a group setting.

Metabolic Group Classes

These classes are designed  around a variety of exercises to provide a total body workout.  Typically you will work for a short period at one station, take a short rest and rotate onto a different exercise station.  There are variations of this class, and no matter if you are a beginner or experienced with training, you will receive options to make an exercise a little easier or more challenging.  

Strength Classes

Building strength and power has very limited value if you aren’t moving well.  Our strength classes are designed to improve strength, with a focus on moving with good joint mobility.  When you are doing a strength class you will be using heavier weights or more challenging bodyweight exercises than those used in a Metabolic class and you will have a little more time for recovery..  


 This is the Functional Range Conditioning system (F.R.C.™).  The FRC utilizes the latest advancements in scientific knowledge, combined with tried and tested training methods to increase active, useable ranges of motion.  In essence, this invaluable and innovative training system improves the ability to control, and move your body.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is a very controlled, “ground-based”, martial art.  During classes you will be learning, practicing, and sparring with another teammate in close quarters.  Here at Impact our goal is to create a safe and fun learning environment for everyone to thrive and improve.  We also have students and coaches in a very wide level of expertise from beginner to expert to allow quality training for everyone. We have a "check your ego at the door" policy to ensure a safer facility to train and learn.